how to view watch history on amazon prime

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how to view watch history on amazon prime

Amazon Prime has become one of the most popular streaming services in recent years, offering a vast library of movies, TV shows, and original content. With its convenient subscription model, users can access a wide range of entertainment options for a low monthly fee. Along with its extensive collection of content, Amazon Prime also offers features such as free two-day shipping, music streaming, and even grocery delivery. However, one of the most useful and often overlooked features of Amazon Prime is the ability to view your watch history. In this article, we will discuss how to view watch history on Amazon Prime and why it can be a valuable tool for users.

What is Watch History on Amazon Prime?

Watch history on Amazon Prime refers to a list of all the movies and TV shows that you have watched on the platform. This feature allows users to keep track of their viewing habits and easily find titles they have previously watched. It also helps Amazon Prime to make personalized recommendations based on your viewing history, making it easier to discover new content that you may be interested in.

How to View Watch History on Amazon Prime?

Viewing your watch history on Amazon Prime is a simple process. Here’s how to do it:

1. Log in to your Amazon Prime account: The first step to viewing your watch history is to log in to your Amazon Prime account. You can do this through the Amazon website or through the Prime Video app on your smart TV or mobile device.

2. Go to your account settings: Once you are logged in, click on your account icon in the top right corner of the screen. This will open a drop-down menu. From the menu, select “Your Account” to access your account settings.

3. Select “Prime Video”: In your account settings, scroll down until you see the “Digital Content and Devices” section. From there, select “Prime Video” to access your Prime Video account settings.

4. Click on “Watch history”: In your Prime Video account settings, you will see an option for “Watch history.” Click on this to view your complete watch history on Amazon Prime.

5. Filter your watch history: By default, your watch history will be displayed in chronological order, with the most recent titles at the top. However, you can filter your watch history by date, title, or by the device used to watch the content.

6. Delete items from your watch history: If you want to remove certain titles from your watch history, you can do so by clicking on the “Remove this from watched videos” button next to the title. Please note that this will not delete the title from your library; it will only remove it from your watch history.

Why is Viewing Watch History on Amazon Prime Useful?

1. Keep track of what you’ve watched: With the vast amount of content available on Amazon Prime, it can be challenging to keep track of what you have watched. The watch history feature allows you to see all the titles you have viewed in one place, making it easier to remember what you have already seen.

2. Make personalized recommendations: By analyzing your watch history, Amazon Prime can suggest new titles that you may enjoy based on your viewing habits. This can save you time and effort in searching for new content to watch.

3. Re-watch your favorite titles: Sometimes, you may want to re-watch a movie or TV show that you enjoyed in the past. With the watch history feature, you can quickly find the title you want to re-watch and start watching it again.

4. Keep your kids’ viewing in check: If you have children who use your Amazon Prime account, the watch history feature can help you keep track of what they are watching. By viewing their watch history, you can ensure that they are not accessing any inappropriate content.

5. Discover new content: Sometimes, you may forget about a movie or TV show you have watched in the past. By going through your watch history, you may come across titles that you enjoyed but have forgotten about, giving you new options for entertainment.

6. Avoid watching the same content twice: Have you ever started watching a movie or TV show, only to realize that you have already seen it? With the watch history feature, you can quickly check if you have watched a title before, saving you time and avoiding disappointment.

7. Compare your viewing habits over time: By looking at your watch history from different time periods, you can see how your viewing habits have changed. This can be an interesting way to reflect on your taste in movies and TV shows.

8. Keep track of your progress: If you are watching a TV series, the watch history feature can help you keep track of which episodes you have already watched. This can be especially useful for long-running shows with many seasons.

9. Identify any issues with your account: In rare cases, you may notice titles in your watch history that you do not remember watching. This could be a sign of unauthorized access to your account, and you should take steps to secure your account immediately.

10. Accessible on multiple devices: The watch history feature is accessible on various devices, including smart TVs, smartphones, and tablets. This makes it easy to view your watch history no matter what device you are using to access Amazon Prime.

In conclusion, the watch history feature on Amazon Prime is a valuable tool that can enhance your streaming experience. It allows you to keep track of your viewing habits, discover new content, and make personalized recommendations. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can easily access your watch history and make the most out of your Amazon Prime subscription. So, the next time you log in to your account, don’t forget to check out your watch history and see what hidden gems you may find. Happy streaming!

animes to watch with your parents

Anime has become a popular form of entertainment in recent years, with its diverse range of genres and captivating storytelling. While many people may associate anime with being solely for children or teenagers, there are actually many shows that are suitable for adults and can even be enjoyed with their parents. In this article, we will explore some of the best anime series that you can watch with your parents, providing a fun and unique way to bond with them.

1. “Your Lie in April”

“Your Lie in April” is a heart-wrenching coming-of-age story that follows the lives of two talented musicians, Kosei Arima and Kaori Miyazono. Kosei is a former child prodigy pianist who lost his ability to hear the sound of his own playing after the death of his mother. Kaori, on the other hand, is an eccentric and free-spirited violinist who helps Kosei rediscover his love for music. Through their friendship, they learn to overcome their personal struggles and find solace in each other’s company.

This anime is a perfect choice to watch with your parents as it explores themes of loss, grief, and the power of music to heal and connect people. The stunning animation and beautiful soundtrack will captivate both you and your parents, making it a memorable and emotional viewing experience.

2. “Wolf Children”

“Wolf Children” is a heartwarming and bittersweet tale of a mother’s love for her children. The story follows Hana, a young woman who falls in love with a werewolf. After his sudden death, Hana is left to raise their two children, Ame and Yuki, who inherit their father’s ability to transform into wolves. As they grow up, Hana must navigate the challenges of raising her unique children while keeping their secret safe from the world.

This anime is a beautiful exploration of the bond between a parent and their children, as well as the struggles of single parenthood. It also delves into themes of self-discovery and acceptance, making it a relatable and touching watch for both parents and their children.

3. “A Silent Voice”

“A Silent Voice” is a poignant and thought-provoking film that tackles the sensitive issue of bullying. The story follows Shoya Ishida, a former bully who tries to make amends with his former classmate, Shoko Nishimiya, who is deaf. Through their reconnection, Shoya learns the impact of his actions and the power of forgiveness.

This anime film is a powerful and emotional tale that sheds light on the consequences of bullying and the importance of empathy. It also explores the struggles of living with a disability and the challenges of communication, making it a thought-provoking watch for parents and their children.

4. “Barakamon”

“Barakamon” is a heartwarming and comedic slice-of-life anime that follows the story of Seishu Handa, a talented calligrapher who moves to a rural island after a creative slump. As he adapts to his new surroundings, he forms unlikely friendships with the villagers, including a young girl named Naru, who helps him rediscover his passion for calligraphy.

This anime is a lighthearted and feel-good watch that explores themes of self-discovery, friendship, and the beauty of rural life. The charming characters and humorous moments make it an enjoyable watch for both parents and their children.

5. “Spirited Away”

“Spirited Away” is a classic and award-winning anime film that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. The story follows Chihiro, a young girl who is transported to a supernatural world after her parents are turned into pigs. She must work at a bathhouse for spirits to save her family and find a way back home.

This film is a visual masterpiece that delves into themes of identity, courage, and growing up. It also showcases the unique and imaginative world of Studio Ghibli, making it a must-watch for both parents and their children.

6. “Erased”

“Erased” is a thrilling and suspenseful anime series that follows the story of Satoru Fujinuma, a struggling manga artist who has the ability to travel back in time to prevent tragedies from happening. After being wrongfully accused of a crime, Satoru is sent back in time to his childhood to prevent a series of kidnappings, including that of his classmate, Kayo.

This anime explores themes of regret, second chances, and the power of friendship. The gripping plot and well-developed characters make it an engaging watch for parents and their children.

7. “March Comes in Like a Lion”

“March Comes in Like a Lion” is a beautifully animated and emotionally charged anime series that follows the life of Rei Kiriyama, a professional shogi player who struggles with depression and loneliness. As he navigates his career and personal life, he finds solace and support in the three Kawamoto sisters, who welcome him into their home.

This anime tackles heavy themes of mental health, family, and the pursuit of happiness. The realistic portrayal of mental illness and the heartwarming relationships between the characters make it a relatable and touching watch for parents and their children.

8. “The Garden of Words”

“The Garden of Words” is a stunningly animated and emotionally charged film that explores the unlikely bond between a high school student and a woman in her late twenties. As they meet in a park on rainy days, they find solace and understanding in each other’s company.

This film delves into themes of loneliness, love, and the power of human connection. The beautiful animation and poetic storytelling make it a unique and mesmerizing watch for parents and their children.

9. “Usagi Drop”

“Usagi Drop” is a heartwarming and charming anime series that follows the story of Daikichi Kawachi, a single bachelor who takes in his late grandfather’s illegitimate six-year-old daughter, Rin. As he navigates the challenges of parenthood, he learns the joys and struggles of raising a child.

This anime is a heartwarming and relatable depiction of parenthood, as well as the importance of family and responsibility. The heartwarming moments and endearing characters make it a delightful watch for parents and their children.

10. “The Wind Rises”

“The Wind Rises” is a visually stunning and emotionally charged film that tells the fictionalized story of Jiro Horikoshi, the designer of the Mitsubishi A5M and Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter planes used during World War II. The film follows Jiro’s passion for aeronautical engineering and his complicated relationship with his love interest, Naoko.

This film explores themes of ambition, love, and the consequences of war. It also showcases the breathtaking animation of Studio Ghibli, making it a visually stunning and thought-provoking watch for parents and their children.

In conclusion, anime has a diverse range of genres and storytelling that can appeal to people of all ages. These ten recommendations are just a few examples of the many series and films that can be enjoyed with your parents. Whether you’re looking for a heartwarming family drama or an emotionally charged thriller, there is an anime out there that you and your parents can enjoy together. So why not give one of these suggestions a try and create some unforgettable memories with your loved ones?

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