how much do roadside assistance make

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how much do roadside assistance make

Roadside assistance is a crucial service that provides motorists with peace of mind and support when they encounter unexpected breakdowns or emergencies on the road. Whether it’s a flat tire, a dead battery, or running out of fuel, roadside assistance professionals are there to help. But have you ever wondered how much these dedicated individuals make? In this article, we will explore the average salaries of roadside assistance professionals, factors that affect their earnings, and the importance of this invaluable service.

1. Introduction to Roadside Assistance
Roadside assistance is a service provided by various companies, including insurance companies, automobile clubs, and even car manufacturers. It offers immediate help to drivers who experience mechanical breakdowns, accidents, or other emergencies while on the road. This assistance can range from simple services like jump-starting a vehicle or changing a flat tire to more complex tasks like towing a car to the nearest repair shop.

2. The Role of Roadside Assistance Professionals
Roadside assistance professionals play a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of stranded motorists. They are typically dispatched to the location of the breakdown or emergency and provide immediate assistance. These professionals are skilled in various tasks, including mechanical troubleshooting, tire changing, battery jump-starts, fuel delivery, and sometimes even minor repairs.

3. Average Salaries of Roadside Assistance Professionals
The salaries of roadside assistance professionals can vary depending on several factors such as location, experience, and the employing company. On average, roadside assistance professionals earn around $30,000 to $40,000 per year. However, this figure can go as high as $50,000 or more for those with several years of experience or who work for reputable companies.

4. Factors Affecting Earnings in Roadside Assistance
Several factors influence the earnings of roadside assistance professionals. Firstly, the location plays a significant role. Professionals working in metropolitan areas or regions with higher living costs tend to earn higher salaries. Additionally, the level of experience and expertise also impacts earnings. Those with extensive knowledge and certifications in automotive repair or towing may command higher salaries.

5. Employment Opportunities in Roadside Assistance
Roadside assistance professionals can find employment with various companies, including insurance providers, automobile clubs, and specialized roadside assistance companies. Additionally, some car manufacturers also offer roadside assistance services to their customers. These diverse employment options provide professionals with different salary structures and benefits.

6. Education and Training Requirements
To work in the roadside assistance industry, professionals typically need a high school diploma or equivalent. However, certain companies may require additional certifications or training in automotive repair, towing, or emergency medical services. These additional qualifications can enhance job prospects and potentially lead to higher salaries.

7. Advancement Opportunities in Roadside Assistance
Roadside assistance professionals can advance in their careers by gaining more experience, certifications, and skills. With time, they may be promoted to supervisory or management positions within their company. Advancement opportunities often come with higher salaries, increased responsibilities, and the chance to oversee a team of roadside assistance professionals.

8. Importance of Roadside Assistance Services
Roadside assistance services are an essential part of ensuring the safety and well-being of motorists. They provide immediate and professional help in situations that can be stressful and potentially dangerous. Without roadside assistance, stranded drivers may be vulnerable to accidents, theft, or other roadside hazards. Therefore, the importance of these services cannot be overstated.

9. Benefits of Working in Roadside Assistance
Apart from the salary, working in roadside assistance offers several benefits. Professionals often enjoy flexible working hours, as emergencies can happen at any time. Additionally, the job allows individuals to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and provide much-needed support during times of distress. For those passionate about automobiles and helping others, a career in roadside assistance can be fulfilling.

10. Future Outlook for Roadside Assistance Professionals
The future outlook for roadside assistance professionals appears promising. As long as vehicles continue to operate on the roads, there will always be a need for emergency assistance. Furthermore, advancements in technology may lead to new opportunities and services within the industry, offering professionals the chance to expand their skill set and potentially earn higher salaries.

In conclusion, roadside assistance professionals play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of motorists. While the average salary for these professionals ranges from $30,000 to $40,000 per year, factors such as location, experience, and certifications can significantly impact earnings. With various employment opportunities, advancement options, and the importance of their services, a career in roadside assistance can be both rewarding and financially stable.

how to block tumblr tags

Title: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Block Tumblr Tags


Tumblr is a popular microblogging platform that allows users to share and discover content through tags. While tags provide an efficient way to categorize and search for content, there may be instances when you want to block certain tags to tailor your Tumblr experience. In this article, we will delve into the various methods and tools you can use to effectively block Tumblr tags.

Paragraph 1: Understanding Tumblr Tags

Before we dive into the methods of blocking Tumblr tags, it is essential to have a clear understanding of what tags are and how they function. Tags are keywords or phrases that users assign to their posts, allowing others to find similar content easily. By clicking on a specific tag, users can explore a stream of related posts.

Paragraph 2: Why Block Tumblr Tags?
There are several reasons why someone might want to block Tumblr tags. Some tags may contain content that you find offensive or triggering. Blocking tags can help create a more positive and tailored experience on the platform. Additionally, blocking tags can be useful if you want to avoid spoilers for a TV show, movie, or book until you have had a chance to watch or read it.

Paragraph 3: Built-in Tumblr Features
Tumblr provides some built-in features that allow users to block specific tags. To start, click on the settings icon on the top right of your dashboard and select “Filtering” from the sidebar. Here you can enter tags that you want to block entirely. However, this feature only works for tags that are explicitly included in the tag field of a post.

Paragraph 4: Tumblr Savior
Another popular tool for blocking Tumblr tags is the Tumblr Savior browser extension. Available for Chrome and Firefox , Tumblr Savior allows users to filter out posts containing specific tags or keywords. It provides a more comprehensive blocking system than the built-in feature, as it works on both tags and content within posts.

Paragraph 5: Using XKit
XKit is a browser extension that enhances Tumblr’s functionality and offers a wide range of features, including tag blocking. Once installed, you can access XKit’s settings and enable the “Tag Blocker” option. This allows you to enter tags you wish to block, and any posts containing these tags will be hidden from your dashboard and search results.

Paragraph 6: Mobile App Alternatives
If you primarily use the Tumblr mobile app, you may have limited options for blocking tags. However, you can try using third-party apps such as TumblThree or TumblRipper to download your liked posts, then filter them on your computer using the methods described above before reuploading them to your phone.

Paragraph 7: Using Blacklist Filters
Some Tumblr users have developed their own blog themes that include custom Blacklist Filters. These filters allow you to block specific tags or keywords from appearing on your dashboard. You can search for and install such themes by browsing Tumblr theme directories and looking for ones that include the Blacklist Filter feature.

Paragraph 8: Collaborative Tag Blacklists
In addition to individual blocking methods, Tumblr users have created collaborative tag blacklists. These are lists of tags that are commonly blocked or muted by users, curated and shared by the Tumblr community. You can find these blacklists by searching for keywords such as “Tumblr tag blacklist” or “collaborative tag blacklists” on search engines or Tumblr itself.

Paragraph 9: Reporting Violations
If you come across content that violates Tumblr’s community guidelines, such as explicit or harmful material, you can report it to Tumblr support. While this method does not directly block tags, it helps keep the platform safe and potentially leads to the removal of offensive content.

Paragraph 10: Experimenting with Different Methods
It is important to note that not all methods will work for everyone. Depending on your browsing habits, device, and preferences, you may need to experiment with different approaches to find the most effective way to block Tumblr tags. Remember to regularly update your blocked tags list to ensure a personalized Tumblr experience.

Blocking Tumblr tags can help you tailor your experience on the platform by avoiding specific content that may be offensive, triggering, or contain spoilers. By utilizing the built-in features, browser extensions like Tumblr Savior and XKit, or custom themes with Blacklist Filters, you can take control of your Tumblr dashboard and create a more enjoyable browsing experience. Remember to stay up-to-date with the latest community blacklists and report any violations to ensure a safer Tumblr community for everyone.

delete photo kik before delivered

Title: The Importance of Deleting Photos on Kik before Delivery


With the rise of social media and messaging apps, sharing photos has become an integral part of our lives. Kik, a popular messaging platform, allows users to send and receive photos instantly. However, sometimes we may send a photo that we later regret or want to remove from the conversation. This article will explore the reasons why deleting photos on Kik before delivery is crucial and provide tips on how to do it effectively.

1. Privacy Concerns

In today’s digital age, privacy is a paramount concern. Once a photo is sent, it can be saved, copied, and shared by the recipient without your knowledge or consent. By deleting photos before delivery on Kik, you regain control over your privacy and reduce the risk of your images being misused or distributed without your permission.

2. Protecting Personal Information

Photos often contain sensitive information, such as location details, personal belongings, or even identification documents. Deleting photos on Kik before they are delivered ensures that this information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, protecting your identity and preventing potential misuse.

3. Preventing Unintended Consequences

We’ve all experienced moments of impulsiveness, where we send photos without fully considering the consequences. Deleting photos on Kik gives you a chance to rectify any mistakes or prevent unintended consequences. It allows you to take a step back, rethink, and make more informed decisions about what content you share.

4. Avoiding Embarrassment

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve sent a photo that we later regret, either due to its content or because it was sent to the wrong person. Deleting photos on Kik before delivery can help you avoid embarrassing situations, ensuring that the photo is never seen by the intended recipient or anyone else.

5. Maintaining a Clean Conversation

By deleting photos on Kik before they are delivered, you can maintain a clean and clutter-free conversation. This is especially important in professional settings, where inappropriate or irrelevant photos can undermine your credibility. Keeping your conversations focused and free from unnecessary content enhances communication and makes it easier to find important information later on.

6. Revoking Consent

In some cases, you may have initially consented to sharing a photo but later changed your mind. Deleting photos on Kik before delivery allows you to revoke consent and ensures that the photo is not viewed or used against your wishes.

7. Avoiding Legal Issues

Sharing certain types of photos, such as explicit content or copyrighted material, can lead to legal consequences. By deleting photos on Kik before delivery, you can avoid potential legal issues and protect yourself from the repercussions associated with sharing inappropriate or copyrighted content.

8. Preventing Cyberbullying

Unfortunately, cyberbullying is a prevalent issue in today’s digital landscape. Deleting photos on Kik before delivery can help prevent the misuse of images, reducing the risk of them being used for cyberbullying purposes. It allows you to maintain control over your digital footprint and protect yourself from online harassment.

9. Enhancing Trust and Security

Deleting photos on Kik before they are delivered promotes trust and security within your online relationships. It shows that you are cautious about the content you share and respect the privacy of others. This can help foster healthier and more secure connections with your contacts on Kik.

10. Tips for Deleting Photos on Kik

To delete a photo on Kik before it is delivered, follow these steps:

– Open the conversation where the photo was sent.
– Tap and hold the photo until a menu appears.
– Select the “Delete” option.
– Confirm the deletion when prompted.

Remember to delete photos promptly to ensure they are removed before they are delivered to the recipient. However, keep in mind that once a photo has been delivered, you have no control over its further distribution.


Deleting photos on Kik before delivery is essential for maintaining privacy, protecting personal information, and avoiding unintended consequences. By following the tips provided, you can ensure that your photos remain private and prevent them from being misused. Take control of your digital footprint and enjoy a safer and more secure messaging experience on Kik.

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